On Site Archery Club  -  JOAD and AAP
On Site Archery Clubs
JOAD (youth) + AAP (adult)

On Site Archery JOAD Club is a registered member of USA Archery.   Our club is for young
people ages 8 to 20.   All skill levels are welcome!  We offer 3 groups: beginner, intermediate
/ tournament and adult.   All youth archers must start in the beginner group unless
approved by On Site Archery staff.   

Club activities range from beginner instruction and recreational shooting to training for
competition.   As archers progress,  they will learn more advanced shooting techniques.

Both JOAD and AAP have achievement award programs.  Archers can earn pins in our
monthly pin shoots.  Each pin level achieved represents an archers progressing skills. We
encourage all archers to participate in club activities, pin shoots and tournaments when
they are ready.  

Beginner Group:  New archers and archers with green, purple or gray pins.  
Club equipment available for archer use.  
*Archers may be moved to the intermediate level at the coach's discretion.

Intermediate /Tournament Group:  Archers have achieved their white pin or higher.   They
also know and perform range rules, procedures and safety protocols consistently and
independently.  Club equipment is available for archer use during club practices and club
pin shoots.  Archers are encouraged to compete when ready.  Archers will need their own
equipment when participating in tournaments.

Outdoor Sessions
Club will be split into these two groups to allow for new state safety guidelines.  
Each group will have a maximum of 8 participants.

JOAD (Youth 9-20)   
Tuesdays    July 14th - September 1st       4:00 - 5:10      OR
Thursdays  July 16th - September 3rd      4:00 - 5:10  

Intermediate / Tournament                                        
Tuesdays     July 7th - September 1st             5:15 - 6:25     OR
Thursdays   July 9th - September 3rd             5:15 - 6:25

AAP ( Adult Archery Program)
Tuesdays    July 14th - September 1st        6:30 - 7:40      OR                 
Thursdays  July 16th - September 3rd        
6:30 - 7:40


You do not have to own a bow. We have bows you can learn on.     
If you do not have your own arm guard and finger tab, you will need to purchase them from us at the
first class.  The cost is $10.00.  Due to new guidelines, we can not share arm guards and finger tabs.  

* Yearly USA Archery All Access Membership required before 3rd class. (See link below.)

REGISTER @ Billerica Rec Dept.
Please be sure complete waiver below.     Thank You!
For archery club questions contact Bob Wait bob@onsitearchery.com

Please print and bring to first
class or email to Bob before
the first class.
* When filing out membership
form, be sure to select
as your club.
Please print and bring to first
class or email to Bob before
the first class.