About Our Company:
                       Bob Wait  
      Owner &  Lead Instructor

Bob has a strong background working with children of all
ages.   He has over 25 years teaching experience as a
Physical Education Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director in
both large and small school settings.

Certifications and Education Background:   
  • Level Three USA Archery National Training System
  • Physical Education Teacher K - 12
  • AHA Heart Saver / CPR instructor   
  • BS in Education - University of MA, Amherst   
Company Philosophy and Strategies
On Site Archery seeks to bring the
sport of archery to experienced
archers and those who are just
starting out.  

While learning the skills and
techniques of the sport, students also
develop patience, focus and

We teach through a step-by-step
process based on the techniques of
the Head USA Olympic Archery
coach, Kisik Lee.     

Students will learn and practice:
  • Safety  (Each program begins
    with a safety orientation required
    for all students.)
  • Archery Drills and Skills
  • Proper shooting form
  • Step by Step shooting sequence
  • Range Rules, Range layout
  • Whistle System

We believe in using low student to
teacher ratios during instruction to
allow each student the opportunity to
benefit from individualized feedback.  

All of our instructors are certified and
insured through USA Archery and
have completed the SAFE SPORT
TRAINING program.  All have
completed a background check
through USA Archery.  Please note:  
CORI checks must be provided by
individual schools and programs.
Cooper Wait
Level 1 Instructor
Amanda  Ferrier
Level 4
USA Archery National
Training System Coach
On Site Archery Staff
Hannah Wait
Level 1 Instructor
Kathleen Kennedy
Level 2 Instructor
Ashish Bhatia
Level 2 Instructor
Stephen Seymour
Level 1 Instructor
Wendy Seymour
Level 2 Instructor
Ben Evangelista
Level 1 Instructor